As HP Preferred Partner we guarantee an unparalleled combination of expertise, proximity and customized solutions. We carry specializations and certifications across HP’s broad product portfolio and have inside access to HP for fast customer support, competitive pricing and insight into future product trends.


Al Shamel place a premium on high-quality customer service, and are backed by HP every step of t he way. Expertise

To guarantee your IT investment, we are highly trained to design and implement customized IT solutions that fit your business needs. As HP Preferred Partners we carry certifications across HP’s product portfolio and we hold specific product and solution specializations. This winning combination of broad and deep knowledge ensures that we have the technical know-how and market insight to give your business that competitive edge.


HP has developed close relationships with us and we are your local link to HP and their business ambassadors. They trust us to be where you want them to be and give you the option of face-to-face purchasing guidance and services support.

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