Unified Communications Solutions

Unified Communications is an integration of disparate communications systems, media, devices and applications. This potentially includes the integration of fixed and mobile voice, e-mail, instant     messaging, desktop and advanced business applications, Internet Protocol (IP)-PBX, voice over IP (VoIP), presence, voice-mail, fax, audio video and web conferencing, unified messaging, unified voicemail, and whiteboarding into a single environment offering the user a more complete but simpler experience.

We enhance your business productivity by providing Unified Workspace solutions encompassing multiple applications, devices, networks, and operating systems. We sort out the best solution to   improve the integration of communications with business processes to ensure that information reaches recipients every time, regardless of their working environment or location.

Mobility: Extend communications so that employees can do their jobs from everywhere using any device, wired or wireless.
Collaboration: Share information via voice, video, or web conferencing.
Security: Integrate comprehensive network security, from infrastructure through devices and applications.
Choice: Use open standards to facilitate integration with industry-leading applications.

Unified communications can help address the challenge today's organizations face as they contend with increasingly complex environments and increasingly mobile workers using a wide array of communications methods from an array of  locations.
With the Cisco Unified Communications system of voice, video, data and mobility applications, those benefits are greater than ever. Instead of simply connecting products, the Cisco Unified Communications system provides structure and intelligence to help organizations integrate their communications more closely with business processes, and ensure that   information reaches recipients quickly, through the most appropriate medium. The system also allows employees to collaborate no matter where their work takes them — into conference rooms, across campuses, in airports, warehouses and other facilities.

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