Who We Are

Alshamel for Information and communications Technology (AICT) is a Libyan company, Founded in 2003 as Partnership company and grown up successfully to a standard-based ICT Solution Provider.
Along with the name “Alshamel”; our main asset is our customer, and that’s the reason of keeping the customer satisfaction number one focus.
AICT is reputably known as one of the pioneers in the Libyan ICT market holding partnership of globally known Software, Hardware and Solution providers

Health and Safety
We are very concerned about the heath and safety aspects of our work and are determined to high standard of safety during our work . A regular safety check is recorded in order to avoid any kind of damage to our people and assets.
Operations of Alshamel ensures human health, operational safety, environmental protection, quality enhancement. This commitment is in the best interests of our customers and our employees.

Quality of Service
Quality first is our slogan and high quality is our standard, in everything we bring quality first and make sure that the end user receives best quality possible

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